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Rainy August

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله

lately life has been fun and awesome !
it has been a rainy and wet august; but somehow i love it cuz i cant stand the humid summer in TOKYO

i started to get out of my comfort zone and love my job/ i started to understand the flow and how it works.
i have the many friends i need to share my thoughts and ideas/


people keep giving this advice to start mingle and do networking.
do it while u are young, and i knew i am not young anymore
at one point i just felt, shut up! just let me mingle with my inner circles.
cuz u felt the ease of talking, you felt the sense of belonging and you never felt being judge or betrayed.

i am not a person who wants money like crazy. i wasn't born rich nor privilege but i am surrounded with love. i am grateful of who i am.

do i wish for more money?

am i willing to chase and let go of everything for the sake of money ?
cuz most of the people i met thats into the business world are doing dirty jobs, and i c…

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